Lorde: ‘Tennis Court’ EP


Auckland’s Lorde (a.k.a Ella Yelich-O’Connor) is set to release her first UK EP Tennis Court digitally on the 10th of June and physically on the 22nd of July via Virgin Records, following up from her hugely successful The Love Club EP, released on the internet with little information on the 16 year old performer.

Tennis Court is a four track release featuring the titular ‘Tennis Court’ and a fabulous cover of The Replacements’ ‘Swingin’ Party’, also covered by Kindness in albums of late. The EP utilises the minimal structures Lorde has become known for and has a sultry, dark feel to it that definitely comes as a step away from the lofty atmosphere of The Love Club.

Listen to ‘Tennis Court’ and ‘Swingin’ Party’ below:

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